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Welcome to the information hub for the Newton County Transit Master Plan (TMP)! We invite you to learn about the planning process, provide ideas, share your perspective, and gain insight on transit possibilities for Newton County. The planning process began in early 2021 and was completed summer 2022.


Public Transportation (also called transit, public transit, or mass transit) is transportation by a conveyance that provides regular and continuing general or special transportation to the public, but not including school buses, charter or sightseeing service.

– American Public Transit Association

A transit master plan (or TMP) is a planning study that evaluates transit solutions and services that would fulfill transportation needs and enhance quality of life for residents, employees, students, and visitors. In this case, Newton County does not have a transit system, so this study will evaluate the need, costs and strategies for establishing new services for the county and/or providing services in conjunction with neighboring or regional transit providers.  

The Newton County TMP is being carried out as a recommendation of the 2018 Newton County Comprehensive Transportation Plan and furthers the County’s ongoing goal to seek and support additional transportation alternatives and funding opportunities. The TMP will analyze existing conditions and explore future need for and appropriate solutions to support public transportation within the county and its municipalities, including connections to adjacent counties in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  

The goal of this plan is to assist Newton County and its municipalities by clearly defining countywide goals, needs, and priorities, and establishing a framework for a successful local transit program. The planning team will work with community members and implementation partners to identify what transit system investments are appropriate for furthering quality of life and advancing other Newton County goals.

Once complete, the Newton County TMP will:

  • Be considered the transit element of Newton County’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan,

  • Complement similar work completed or under consideration in adjacent communities, and

  • Support legislative initiatives related to regional transit.

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